1-for-1 cheesecake soft serve at Cat and the fiddle🍦

The famous cake shop, Cat and the fiddle, is now having a promotion!


Get 1-for-1 original cheesecake soft serve at selected outlets just by flashing the facebook post! 👉Link 

✅ The CentrePoint

✅ Bukit Panjang Plaza

✅ VivoCity

✅ Junction 8

✅  Westgate

✅ Woods Square

Cheese lovers would definitely love the rich and savory cheesecake soft serve! 🧀

It’s only available until 18th April, and from 1 pm to 6 pm. Be sure to not miss the promotion!


Other than cheesecake soft serve, you’ll be able to find their signature cheesecakes at their respective outlets. 🍰

They have been rated as one of the ‘Best cake shops in Singapore‘ by Time Out Singapore and their halal certified.


Not long ago, they just opened their first and only cafe at Wood Square, and you would be able to find homemade waffles that are exclusive to the cafe.

Hurry down and get your soft serve today!

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