New Peranakan cafe at East Coast! Cendol waffles, Ondeh- ondeh cake, and many more! 🧇

Ambling Turtle, a new, aesthetic Peranakan cafe is now open at East Coast! 

Time to spend our tea time munching on delicious Peranakan desserts.


Ambling Turtle


Ice-cream, tarts, cake, waffles, savory dishes and drinks. They have so many items on their menu that you’ll be having a hard time deciding what to get. (Why not have them all?)


Love cendol? Take a look at their sweet and savory cendol waffle. 

Cendol fans will be delighted to see the cendol jelly and red beans. (What’s cendol without these ingredients!) 

The fragrant and crispy pandan waffle goes well with the coconut soft serve that comes with it. The coconut soft serve is not too overpowering and of the right amount of sweetness

The Gula Melaka sauce drizzled on the waffle is a cherry on top.


If sweet desserts aren’t for you, get their croissant or sourdough filled with Nyona curry chicken, Satay chicken or pulled beef rendang

The special combination is something that you must try when you’re at Ambling turtle. 
The dish comes with Achar too!


Prefer something more traditional? Ondeh-ondeh cake and our favorite Peranakan kuehs could be found in the store too. 

Their drinks are also worth the mention too. The Kopi Jawa (Latte drizzled with Gula Jawa and topped with a pandan leaf) is an interesting one. 

Muggers, take note! The cafe has wifi and wall sockets available, what reason do you have to not come here for their food and study session?


📍66 East Coast Road #01-01, The Flow, S428778


Written by xiannie

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