Guide to Mount Faber Park: Beautiful scenery, the best place for a proposal, cycle, and more!💍

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Walks and jogs🚶


Yes, Mount Faber is a great place for exercising! 

It offers about 3 km of roads and paths from end-to-end, and the scenery of the park is excellent. 

Exercising while being accompanied by beautiful scenery is the best way to relieve your stress.



If walking is not for you, cycle! 

Beautiful sceneries🏞️


With the hill’s elevation being 106m, a panoramic view of Singapore’s CBD and fresh air is guaranteed.  

Spending your day off with fresh air and beautiful scenery is a good choice. 🌬️

Rainbow stairs🌈


How could we miss this Instagrammable spot when we’re at Mount Faber? 

Cable car dining🚡


You do not have to necessarily walk or cycle up Mount Faber Hill. You could take a cable car if you do not wish to break a sweat. 

One Faber Group offers dining services, so you could experience dining inside a cable car.🍴

👉Click here for more information  

Bells of Happiness🔔


Do you know that there’s a Bells of Happiness at Mount Faber? 

Not only could you take pictures here, but you could also pop the question here too. 🤭

Do ring the bells, as it’s said that doing so will bring you happiness. 💕

Here, The Merlion Post wishes you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Hilltop Dining⛰️


There are two restaurants on the hilltop. Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro and Dusk Restaurant & Bar. 

Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro is an all-day casual dining restaurant. You’ll find western classics, Asian delights, refreshing craft beers, and botanical-inspired drinks on their menu. 

Great for meals with family and friends! 🍷

At Dusk Restaurant and Bar, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the sunset and be surrounded by panoramic views of Harbourfront & Sentosa Island

Seeing that they serve Modern European cuisines, specially curated wines, and signature nitro-frosted cocktails, this is no doubt the best choice for romantic dates. 🍷

Check out their website for more details! 


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