Eat to your heart’s content with OCBC! Dining promotion for various eateries; 1-for-1, 30% off, etc…🙀

If you’re hungry and you know it……🙌

Flash your OCBC card! 

From now till 30th June, you’ll be able to enjoy promotions from various eateries just by paying with your OCBC card! 

What a great deal! Read on to find out more! 

❗Both credit and debit OCBC cardholders are entitled to this promotion.


There’s nothing in the image that’s your cup of tea? 

Don’t worry, these are not just it! 

OCBC has partnered with over 80 eateries in Singapore; Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine……There’s definitely something for everyone! 👍


Places like Peony Jade, the famous Cantonese restaurant, Tan Yu, Tapas Club, and Fat Cow are all on the list! 

I’m about to drool just by looking at the pictures!

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They also have a 1-for-1 promotion for Hard Rock Café, which is extremely worth it! 

Dessert places like Geláre are included too!

Tempted? Check out the 👉link to find out more! 😉


source for both images

If you do not have much time to spare, just click on the search icon (Circled in red) and key in the name/keyword of the restaurant that you’re looking for! 🔍

You can also limit your search to specific cuisine by using the filter at the side! Remember to click on “Apply Filter” after you are done. 

Head to the website for more details now! (Terms and condition applies. Refer to website)


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