Starbucks Singapore’s newly launched locally inspired treats! Milo dinosaur cheesecake, Curry Meatless Chicken pie more! 🍰

Have you ever wondered what locally inspired cheesecake and cakes are like? 

Starbucks Singapore will answer your doubts with their “So shiok” series cakes!  

Check them out below with The Merlion Post! 




Starbucks Singapore have just launched a series of cheesecakes with a Singaporean twist.

Each piece cost $7.20, and they are available in stores, delivery and mobile order for a limited period of time

What are you waiting for? Try them out before they are taken off the menu!🏃‍♂️

Mango Sago Cake

The Mango Sago Cake layered with Mango sago mousse and mango sponge is fluffy and sweet

You’ll be treated to generous chunks of fresh mango and sago pearls. 🥭

Best eaten chilled

Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake

How would the combination of cheesecake and Milo go wrong? 

The cookie crumbles sprinkled on top of the cake is a cherry on top

The fluffy chocolate sponge center adds texture to every bite

Perfect for kids and sweet tooth. 😋

Orh Nee Cake

Orh Nee lovers, this is for you! 

The soft sponge goes perfectly well with the taro yam paste and coconut cream, and the cake is just of the right amount of sweetness. 

Everyone should give this a try!👍

Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake

Just like it’s name, the flavorful Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake tastes just like Ondeh Ondeh, but in the form of a cheesecake. (It’s good, obviously.)👏

Curry meatless chicken pie 

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Prefer savoury food instead? Take a look at their curry meatless chicken pie. 

Starbucks pie with a Singaporean twist might be the best thing on their menu in 2021. 

Even if savoury food is not for you, I’ll suggest you try it out for the meatless chicken from HARVEST GOURMET®. 

You’ll be surprised by how similar the taste is compared to an actual piece of meat. 🤯


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