Mocchi by Fukusen: Latte with adorable bear-shaped cream cheese and matcha soft serve at Chinatown! 🐻

Clicked in because of the cover image? 

Well, who could resist such a cute bear?

Read on to find out how to get yourself one today!

Mocchi by Fukusen


Mocchi by Fukesen is a cafe located in Chinatown that serves homemade cakes and other desserts. 

Not only your bellies would be satisfied, your eyes would too. 👀

Look at the pictures, I’m sold! 

You could also find baking videos on their Instagram!

Bears, bears and more bears!


At Mocchi, you’ll find bears sitting on your latte. 

The bears are made of soft serve, so as time passes, they will start to sink and take a bath in your latte! 

It comes in two flavours, Hojicha Latte with cream cheese soft serve Kuma and Matcha Latte with matcha soft serve Kuma. (Kuma means bear in Japanese) 

What’s better is that the latte is freshly brewed with green tea directly imported from Japan! ✈️


You could also find the adorable bears on their Strawberry cream cheese parfait and cakes. It’s so cute that you would not bear to eat it!


Do not miss out other delicious homemade cakes at their shop. They are all freshly baked. Definitely worth the money! 


This picture of their crepes Matcha certainly makes my mouth water. 


They serve matcha and cream cheese soft serve too, for those who need to beat Singapore’s heat.

📍Chinatown Smith Street | DD Eatzakaya

🕛Daily: 12pm-9pm

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