Drink till your heart’s content: Unlimited beer and Soju just for $38/pax! 🍻

Beat out after a day of work? 

Drink your tiredness away with The Old Straits Cafe’s beer buffet! 🍻


❗ For your safety, please DO NOT drink and drive! ❗

❗ Overconsumption of alcohol is bad for your health, drink rationally! ❗

Beer Buffet


Yes, a beer buffet that you could drink as much beer as you like. 

Just for $38/pax, you’ll be able to drink as much beer and Soju as you want for up to 4 hours! πŸ‘

4 hours of unlimited beer? That sounds incredible! 

However, you’ll be required to order food and like, share comment on the facebook post to be able to enjoy this exclusive deal. 
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Skewers are life


At The Old Straits Cafe, they serve both Lok Lok and Yakitori.🍑

Those missing Malaysia could get their Lok Lok, while Japanese cuisine lovers could go for Yakitori. 

Their skewers that cost $1/stick now (There’s a promotion going on!) goes perfectly well with beer and Soju. 

πŸ‘‰Facebook link 

The pork belly skewers are great; juicy, tender and most importantly fresh! πŸ˜‹
Do not miss out the sweet and chewy shitake mushrooms too. They are yummy!


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