Instagrammable trees in Singapore! Rainbow tree, withered lone tree, and many more! 🌲

Running out of Instagram feed ideas?

Go with the theme, trees! 😀

Explore the different Instagrammable trees in Singapore with The Merlion Post today

Garden by the bay 


Of course the famous tourist spot in Singapore is not to be missed! 

The supertrees ranging from 25 to 50 meters are gorgeous all day long. 

Remember to stay for the light shows that start at 7.45pm and 8.45pm daily! ✨

Upper Seletar Reservoir Park


I bet a tree came to your mind when you heard the name “Upper Seletar Reservoir Park”, right? 🌳

Other than the rocket shape lookout tower, Upper Seletar Reservoir is famous for its lone tree

The romantic vibe of the place makes it perfect for a wedding photoshoot. 

You could take a “lone” photoshoot too if you have nobody to take a wedding photoshoot with. 😏

Jurong Lake Garden


Another lone tree, but this is a “botak” one instead. (Botak = bald ) 

Confused with the appearance of a lone, withered tree that’s standing in the middle of Jurong Lake Gardens? 🤔

Well, in fact, it’s a sculpture made from recycled iron reinforcement bars! 

It looked so realistic that you would not be able to tell from afar!

Katong Park’s Rainbow tree


No, it’s not a painted tree. The colours are it’s natural colouration. 🌈

This is a Mindanao Gum, a tree that is native to Papua New Guinea. 

The Mindanao Gum is 25 meters tall, and it’s one of the heritage trees in Singapore. 

Check out 👉 here for more information of the tree.

Thomson Nature Park


Located at Upper Thomson road, the Thomson Nature Park was once a Hainan village too. 

The park has 5 trails in total, and visitors could take the Ruins and Figs Trail, where ruins of the former village could be spotted. 🏠

You would also be able to find a freshwater stream at the Thomson Nature Park.

Fort Canning


Yes, this is where the mini version of Bali’s Gate of Heaven is located at. 

However, Fort Canning Park is not just about that. 

There are many other spots in Fort Canning Park that would fit your Instagram feed perfectly. 

Head down to Fort Canning Park for a photoshoot now! 📸

Chestnut Nature Park


Chestnut Nature Park is the largest nature park in Singapore. 

The iconic fallen tree located in the park would definitely be perfect for your instagram photos. 

But please, BE CAREFUL!

Singapore Botanic Gardens


Other than the UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are a lot more to see at the Botanic Gardens. 

Did you know that the tropical garden is 162 years old, and It’s home to 59 heritage trees in Singapore? 😲

Sembawang Hot Spring Park


Miss the hot springs overseas? 

We have a hot spring in Singapore! 

Soak your feet in the footbath pool and relax! 

You’ll also be able to cook your eggs too, but don’t worry, the eggs could be cooked in the egg cooking station. (No eggs will taste like feets.) 😂

Masjid Sultan


Take a picture with the coconut trees in front of the famous Masjid Sultan! 🌴

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