Guide to Singapore Islands: Scuba dive, snorkel, spot sea turtles, and many more! 🏝️

Running out of ideas to do during weekends? 😆

Hit the Islands up! 

Today, The Merlion Post has listed out a few islands in Singapore for you to relax and have fun at. 

Read on to find out more!

Coney Island


Home to a park, mangrove, and beach, Coney island is the best destination for nature lovers. 

You could choose to explore around the park, have a bird viewing session or relax at the beach with a cooling sea breeze. It’s all up to you! 🤗

Fret’ not if you hate traveling on your feet, as bike rental service is available near Coney island’s entrance!

St John Island


The Island is approximately 6.5 KM from the main island of Singapore. 

Visitors could swim in their swimming lagoon, spot different marine creatures and wildlife on the island! 🏊🏻

The best destination for a short getaway from Singapore!

Lazarus island & Pulau Seringat


Unable to travel to the Maldives due to Covid-19? 

Don’t worry, the Lazarus island & Pulau Seringat is a great substitution! 
The gorgeous beach and crystal blue water would make you fall in love with the Island. 😍

Pulau Ubin


Living in a city, we are constantly swarmed with work and leading a fast-paced life. 😅

A trip to Pulau Ubin, the home to plantations, fish farms, historical sites, Singapore’s last kampong would help you unwind and forget about work temporarily. 

There’s no need to worry if you do not know how to cycle, as you could choose to hike in Pulau Ubin too! 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️

Don’t forget to catch the breath-taking sunset at Pekan Quarry!

Sister’s Island


Love marine life? The sister’s Island is where you should go! 

Seahorses, clams, and even corals. You would be able to find all of them here at the Sister’s Island! 

Not only so, but Singapore’s first turtle hatchery is also located at Sister Island. 🐢

Pulau Hantu


Unlike the Island’s name, you’ll not be able to find any Hantu on the Island. (Hantu means ghost in Malay) 

Instead, the Island is all about fishing, snorkeling & scuba diving. 🤿

Be thrown off your feet by the huge variety of marine life and beautiful coral reefs.

Dive into Pulau Hantu’s waters now!

Pulau Kusu


Many Singaporeans and Malaysians would definitely have memories of traveling to Pulau Kusu to pay your respect to Da Bo Gong and Guan Yin or even climbing up 152 steps to the top of the hill to pray at the shrines of three Malay saints. 

However, you will be able to swim and snorkel at Pulau Kusu too! Try to spot a few sea turtles when you’re doing so!😀

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