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Hai Di Lao cheat codes!😎 Leave with TONS of freebie!

Widely known for their top-notch customer service, it is no surprise that you’ll be able to get many freebies at Hai Di Lao.

But now, we’ll teach you ways to get more freebies other than popcorn, ice-cream, free manicure💅 , and iPhone Screen protector!

Stun your family and friends with this hacks when you’re at Hai Di Lao next time!

As seen from the above images, all of them are “trophy” that customers have brought back from Hai Di Lao for free with the cheat codes. 😆


Try it during your meal at Hai Di Lao today!

 ❗This is based on China’s Hai Di Lao review, so there might be some discrepancy. But no harm in giving them a try!

Fairy wand🧚

Make your dream of being a fairy come true!

Cheat code: “小仙女来吃火锅啦” (xiǎo xiān nǚ lái chī hǔo gūo lā)

Translation: “Little fairy is here to have hotpot!”

Random Toys

Feeling young at heart? Play with some toys! 🧸

Cheat code: “你看我像小朋友吗?“ (nǐ kàn wǒ xiàng xiǎo péng yǒu má ?)

Translation: “Do you think I look like a kid?”


Get some free snacks!

Cheat code: “你家零食好好吃呀“ (nǐ jiā líng shí hǎo hǎo chī ya?)

Translation: “Your snacks are good! ”

Fruit Platters


Ba-banana ba-ba-banana-nana

Power up with some fruits! ❤️ 💛 💙💚 💜 

Cheat code: “这个水果很好吃呀“ (zhè gè shǔi gǔo hěn hǎo chī ya?)

Translation: “This fruit is delicious! ”

Soup Bases

Can’t have enough Hai Di Lao? Take some soup base home!

Cheat code: “你家的锅底好好吃呀“ (nǐ jiā de(dí) gūo dǐ hǎo hǎo chī ya?)

Translation: “Your soup base is delicious! ”

Facial Products 💄

Hope to leave a good impression on your date? No worries, Hai Di Lao has got you covered so you would be able to eat in peace!

Cheat code: “我忘了带口红“ (wǒ wàng le(liǎo) dài kǒu hóng)

Translation: “I forgot my lipstick! ”

Birthday lightboard and Birthday Fruit Platter

It’s your birthday now make a wish  🙏

Cheat code: “今天是我朋友生日“ (jīn tiān shì wǒ péng yǒu shēng rì)

Translation: “Today is my friend’s birthday”

Hair Band

Cheat code: “我想绑头发但是忘记带发圈“ (wǒ xiǎng bǎng tóu(tou) fā dàn shì wàng jì dài fā quān(juān))

Translation: “I want to tie my hair but I forgot to bring a hair band”

Learn noodle dance

Learn the noodle dance and be the J-hope of Hai Di Lao! 💃

Cheat code: “小哥哥,可以教我拉面吗?“ (xiǎo gē gē, kě yǐ jiào wǒ lā miàn ma?)

Translation: “Brother( in a cute way), can you teach me the noddle dance?”

Coin Pouch

Cheat code: “锅已捞净“ (gūo yǐ lāo jìng)

Translation: “The entire pot is finished”

A hundred percent success is not guaranteed, but there have been sayings that your chances of success would be higher if you use the cheat code on staff with a red badge on their sleeves.

Do give it a try when you’re at Hai Di Lao next time!

❤️The staff have worked hard serving you, so do remember to thank them!❤️

Written by xiannie

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