TWG tea, The finest luxury tea brand is currently having a promtion! 1-for-1 macarons! πŸ‘

1-for-1? TWG tea? Macarons? 

Great news, TWG tea is currently holding a 1-for-1 macaron promotion

Each macaron is priced at $2, so if you do some quick math, it would be $1 each! 

What a steal! πŸ™Œ


TWG tea is the finest luxury tea brand in the world that is established in Singapore, so how could you miss this chance? 

If macarons are not your cup of tea, buy it for a gift. It would definitely leave the receiver impressed. 

Afterall, who doesn’t like TWG tea products? 
It’s available at all outlets, except ones at Changi Airport.


Look at the delicious flavours! I’m drooling!😍


See you there! The Merlion Post is going over to get my daily fix of macarons now! πŸ˜†

πŸ“Click this link for all outlets

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