Creative but delicious fried Mantou + ice cream combination! You’ll not regret giving it a try! 😋

Love both fried Mantou and Ice cream? 

Have them all together! 😍

This innovative dish from Man Tou Da Han would definitely have you going back for more! 

They have a variety of ice cream for you to choose from, and even condense milk and salted egg dippings for you to add on!

Most of their ice cream flavours are unique to Man Tou Da Han, and they are made to go perfectly with the crispy mantous. 🍦

What’s better is that the ice creams are made from scratch and no pork or lard is used

You could even find mantou bouquets at Man Tou Da Han! Your foodie girlfriend would definitely love it! 💐

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With their Mantou ice cream, you can finally stop sweating buckets (满头大汗) and beat Singapore’s heat! (A play of words from their Chinese name, 馒头大汉. Different meaning but similar pronunciation.) 😛

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