Malaysian’s favorite street food, Ramly burger, is here in Singapore! 😃

Craving for Ramly burger but the borders are closed? 😭

Fret’ not! Because they are now available in Singapore

Thanks to the Ministry Of Burger, you would no longer have to travel across the causeway to get them. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to get your favorite burger today! 🍔

                                    Malaysian’s favorite burger: Ramly burger

Photo credits: source

Photo credits: source

Ramly burger: The popular Malaysian street food

Unlike any other burgers, Ramly burger’s patties are wrapped in egg, which helps to keep the patties juicy.

They also sprinkle Maggi seasoning on their patties, which another factor that makes Ramly Burger unique. 

It used to only be available across the borders, but now, it’s you would be able to find it at Pasir Ris! 

                                        Delicious food at an affordable price  

Photo credits: source

Photo credits: source

Other than it’s unique style of cooking, the Ramly burger is also well-loved due to it’s affordable prices

Just at $2.10, you would be able to get their Egg Benjo and Traditional Ramly Burger at $4.50! 🍔

If you’re not craving for burgers, you could get their Standard fries which only costs $1.90!  🍟

What a steal! 

                                            The Traditional Ramly Burger  

Photo credits: source 

Yes, this is the classic Ramly burger that we always had! It’s available in two option, chicken 🐓 and beef🐄 patty just like how it was in Malaysia. 

The condiments went well with the burger, and the patties are cooked just right, juicy and tender

The burgers tasted similar to the ones we had in Malaysia too, so it’s definitely worth the trip! 

                            Feeling extra hungry? The Thunder Burger is just for you! 

Photo credits: source

Photo credits: source

If a classic burger is not enough to fill your stomach, get the huge Thunder Burger ($11.50)! 

It’s made of all ingredients that you would find in the classic burger, and four patties. (Yes, four.)                                     

What’s even better is that you would be able to choose the type of patties for your burger! 

There are four options (Vegetable, Fish, Chicken and Beef) available, and you would be allowed to pick two from them. 

It’s recommended to share the Thunder Burger with your friends, as the portion might be too big for many of us. 

                                                                       Side Dishes 

Photo credits: source

Photo credits: source

They might be called the Ministry Of Burgers, but burgers aren’t the only thing they serve. 

You would also be able to get sides like Cheezy Fries ($3.10) 🧀 and Special Biryani Fries ($2.90) as shown as the photo above. 

I personally think that the Cheezy Fries is worth the buy, as cheese fries are mostly sold above $4 at other places. 

The Special Biryani Fries are not to be missed out too, as they are the only place in the world that sells Biryani Fries! (They were the ones who invented it, afterall.) 

They have other sides like Chicken Fingers ($3.50) and many more options on their menu. Do check out their website for more details! 

📍1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Hub @ Downtown East , #01, K101, S519599

🕛Daily: 11 AM – 10 PM 


📞 8182 6497

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