Durian delivery services in Singapore😀

Love durians? 

Get durians delivered to your doorstep with The Merlion post today!

Hao Chi Durians sells Musang King and D24 imported from Malaysia, Pahang. 

Their durians are very Hao Chi (Delicious), just like the shop’s name. 

You need to order a minimum of 6kg to be able to make use of their delivery services, and a $5 delivery charge applies. 

However, delivery service will be free if you buy more than 10 durians! 

They sell other fruits too, and you can get them delivered to you along with durians! 



Durian Culture

The famous durian shop at Kallang. 

Durian Culture has been selling quality durians for more than 40 years, you can definitely trust them for good durians! 

There’s no minimum spend, and $10 delivery charges apply. 

However, delivery will be free if you spend more than $120.


99 old tree

At 99 old tree, they offer a huge variety of durians. From S17 to Musang King, you will be spoiled for choices! 

Not just durian, they sell durian pulp and frozen durian fruitlet too. 

Delivery fees start from $6.90. Spend $150 to get free delivery. 


227 Katong Durian

The famous durian shop at East coast is now offering delivery services! 

However, you’ll need to spend $30, or purchase 2 Kg of durian to enjoy the service.

Check out their huge variety of durians now! 


Durian Delivery

Have a sudden craving for durians? 

The Durian Delivery can help you! 

They can get durians delivered to you within 60 minutes, and their durians are of an affordable price. 

Delivery fees start from $9.70. Get free delivery when you spend $100. 


Lele Durian

Lele Durian has been around for the past 30 years, so you can definitely trust them for quality durians. 

Check out their facebook for more details. 


Sin Durian

Not just durian, but you could find fresh Durian puree and fresh Mao Shan wang Ice cream too! 

Psst, the Mao Shan Wang ice cream is made with 100% pure Mao Shan Wang! 


Jojo Durian

From sweeter red prawns to creamy D24, they have a wide variety of durians for their customers to choose from. 

Check out their website for more information. You can even find the taste description of different durians there! 


Durian Mpire

Too much durian fruit? Look at Durian Mpire, a durian dessert shop. 

You’ll be able to find beautifully decorated durian cake, durian mochi, durian puff, and many more at Durian Mpire! 

Do check out the promotion section for ongoing promotions! 


Top Durian Station

Island wide delivery services available! Apply promo code: DISCOUNT10 to get $10 off your purchase amount, with minimum spending of $130. 

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